About Us

What happens at the Children's Science Play Room?

  • Young Children's Science Play Room
  • Where imagination and creativity come to life.
  • Where young children play with science, technology, engineering and maths activities.
  • Opportunities where families or teachers with young children can play alongside each other, explore and learn new words to describe their experiences and increase their understanding of the world around us.
  • Through hands on activities new information is learned that can be applied in other areas of play and interactive conversations with others.
  • Opportunities for children who are gifted to extend their learning into a wide range of interests that we will endeavour to support with the help of their families.
  • Many activities for children with learning difficulties to explore.
  • Sensory activities designed to stimulate perceptual interaction and understanding.
  • Learn Maori nouns of objects.

My Garden Area

Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers explore the natural world around our homes and gardens.  Free play and exploration is focused on encouraging children to be curious and peek through holes, pull and turn knobs, put on dress ups, ask questions and become involved in sustained interactive play with others. Play may include adults who can guide, support and inform children though play whatever they are interested in with ‘talking points’ around the room near different and relevant play as a reminder to share a little about the object of their and their children’s interests. The focus is on using  many different senses while the play and explore.

Young child's Science Play Room Area

In this area the focus is on various aspects of science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM) including activities that enhance understanding of forces, motion, energy, air, magnetism, electricity, thermodynamics and many more. It is based on playful, hands on actions and includes dramatic play with a rocket ship and space station plus a submarine area for dramatic play. Many exciting activities with air, light, sound and reflections will delight and excite children.

Teachers are able to make links to Te Whaariki and NZ Curriculum outcomes.

Imagine and Create Areas:

Here children and adults will be able to apply what they have learned in various innovative and creative ways. 

Bookings are preferred as we limit numbers attending to increase involvement and quality times with others and to prevent crowding. 

On offer: Keep track of offers on our Facebook page. Teachers and parents may request special interest development areas for children with an interesting hobby or STEAM activity interest.

Expectations from staff at Children's Science Play Room:

  • Supervision: Adults have to interact and supervise the children in their care. No drop off and leaving of any child (up to 14years of age) allowed.
  • One adult with no more than four children ages 5 plus.
  • One adult with no more than three children for ages under 5.
  • Shoes off in the “My Garden” area. Socks with grips please.
  • NO BAGS and prams allowed inside the areas please.
  • No dogs (except guide dogs) or other pets allowed please.